13 Secrets That Make Caregiving Easier

This is a terrific article for caregivers and other in home health care providers. It offers great advice on some of the realities that caregivers are faced with every day.

There is a lot more to caregiving than keeping track of meds. Learning to establish boundaries and dealing with issues that are uncomfortable can be difficult and cause stress for everyone. But it’s important to remember the real purpose of caregiving. Caring. We are all human beings, imperfect, and learning new things every day. Everybody makes mistakes and we all have bad days. It’s a tough job being a caregiver, but it’s also hard to be cared for. We need to remember to be humble and always keep in mind the feelings of the ones we are caring for.

A lot of people are struggling with the role changes that come with elderly parents and having to deal with intimate issues that can be very awkward at times. I’ve had a few of those moments myself. Nobody really wants to wipe mom or dad's rear end, but sometimes it’s got to be done and getting over the embarrassment of it makes it easier on everyone and helps keep our loved one's dignity intact.

Check out this great resource and caregiver support article here.


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