Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Routine Forms

Daily Routine: There are several advantages to writing down a description of the routines you follow in your caregiving. Many things you do on a regular basis stay the same every day. This form helps you to get those things organized so you don’t forget any steps. It helps you to be efficient in the basic care you give. Include each activity you do not want to forget in the order it is done. Checking the log and following it makes everything easier. After a short period of time it becomes second nature and you will rarely need to refer to it. This gives you more time to interact in a personal way with your client. When you have all the bases covered your stress level goes down. Additionally, this form will be the most helpful thing you can give a relief caregiver when you need time off, become ill, take a vacation, etc. They will thank you for thinking ahead and making their job easier.

Weekly, Monthly, Semi-monthly, Yearly, and Semi-yearly To Do Lists: These forms are really an extension of the Daily Routine. The entries you make in the forms are the things you don’t do on a regular basis, but these are also things you don’t want to forget. Log the important details that keep a household running, such as taking out the garbage and recycle, checking fire alarms, furnace filter, etc.

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This picture is just to give you a general idea of what the forms will look like.  Turning the form into a picture has greatly reduced the quality, so there are distortions that do not appear in the actual form.  

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