Negotiation Checklist

This form is invaluable when entering into a contract for caregiving.  Whether the position is for a relief caregiver, an hourly worker, a shift worker, or a full-time live-in companion/caregiver there are many things to consider before entering into an agreement.  Negotiation ensures both parties are satisfied when the process is finished.  Working out all the details and answering all the pertinent questions ahead of time, guarantees a smoother working relationship with all parties involved. This checklist includes some of the most important things to consider and discuss during the initial interview.  It’s easy to use; just put a check mark in the box in front of the topic you want to address.  Make notes of details to consider later and any agreements made.  At the end of the form is an area to put points of interest and other questions to consider.  There are three pages in these negotiation worksheets.  This form is a real confidence builder!

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This picture is just to give you a general idea of what the forms will look like.  Turning the form into a picture has greatly reduced the quality, so there are distortions that do not appear in the actual form.  

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