Time Sheet

This time sheet is for up to one month of work. Just enter the days of the month above the correct day of the week. The five rows allow for extra days at the end of some months. This form can be used to record hourly and shift work by entering time of day, for start and finish, and then totaling each day. Full-time live-in caregivers simply use check marks for full days worked, and the ½ or ¼ mark on transition days when relief caregivers work. Tally the entire sheet for total number of days worked. Note that space is given, at the bottom, for calculating time worked by hours or days. Signatures ensure accountability.

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This picture is just to give you a general idea of what the forms will look like.  Turning the form into a picture has greatly reduced the quality, so there are distortions that do not appear in the actual form.  

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