Caregiver Relief Fund

The Caregiver Relief Fund is a fairly new charity that awards family caregivers a one-time voucher for professional at home care. Caregivers fill out an application form, share their caregiving story and go through an interview. They select and match the available relief funds with the needs of the caregiver.

Vouchers for professional at-home care services are donated or purchased on behalf of the Caregiver Relief Fund. They award these vouchers to caregivers who have been in a caregiving role for a chronically ill individual, elder or disabled person for 12 months or longer. Applicants must not have an annual income that exceeds $80,000.

I don't know what the process entails, if there is a waiting list or even how much they actually help, but if you are in a desperate situation and need some time off, its probably worth applying for.

Caregiver Resource - The Caregiver Relief Fund Website

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