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When I was caregiver for my grandmother, we would often watch movies together and many times I would pop in a movie and after it started I would realize that there was a lot of bad language in it or it would have an out-of-the-blue sex scene that so many movies have these days.  Talk about uncomfortable!

What seems to be the norm in movies these days can often be offensive to our elderly loved ones. Movie ratings aren't always all that helpful.  Movies that were rated PG 20 years ago might be G now and I’m still not sure what PG-13 is!  So how can you know if a movie is appropriate?  Kids in Mind is a great site that is not just great for parents, but caregivers as well. You can see a list of possibly offensive content for each area.  It provides detailed ratings that cover sex, violence, and profanity….all the things Granny hated!

Below is an excerpt from their site.  It covers the sex/nudity and profanity content for the movie War Horse.
SEX/NUDITY - We see a man and a woman kissing as the man marches past in a parade of soldiers.  Two teenage brothers tease one another about the appearance of a country's women and one of the brothers playfully scolds the other, saying he is too young to think of women. Two soldiers on opposing sides joke about women entertaining them in their barracks and one of the men comments about "Big German girls."  A small portion of a teen boy's chest is visible when his shirt is unbuttoned.
PROFANITY - 2 mild anatomical terms, 3 mild obscenities, name-calling (daft, more money than sense, cheap, greedy sod, out of your mind, fool, fool of a father, thick and stubborn, filthy, jokers, coward, ugly nun, Fritz, stupid git), exclamations (bloody, bugger off, bugger me), 1 implied religious exclamation ("for the love of...").
It’s pretty detailed, but it’s nice when you have someone like my grandmother, who didn't mind a little nudity, but if they were taking the Lord’s name in vain, forget it!  I wish I had known about this site when she was still alive.  Maybe we could have watched something besides just John Wayne movies!

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