A Fun Alternative for Keeping Small Cards and Documents

As a caregiver, keeping track of small cards and documents was always a struggle for me. Should I keep them or should my client or loved one keep them? Who had them last? At the doctor’s office, when they would hand them back to me, I would throw them in my purse with the intention of putting them away when I got home. When I got home, I would forget about them only to start the hunt again when it was time for another appointment.

My mom came up with a great idea...

Buy a small, one picture per page (I think they also call them pocket albums) photo album to keep insurance, business and other cards in one place. You can view information without having to take the card out and risk misplacing it. It keeps all of your information in one place and you can take it with you to doctor visits and other appointments. I've always carried wallets that hold standard business cards. The problem I have is that many doctors are using extra-large business cards. When I leave the office, I have to store away these larger appointment/business cards, as well as prescriptions. Having the extra space makes it much easier to keep track of everything.

Most small photo albums even have a little view window that lets you see the first picture, which is great if you are a caregiver for more than one person. Just stick a picture of your client or loved one in the first page and you will know at a glance who the book belongs to.

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