Drug Interaction Calculator

Taking more than one drug may have unintended, sometimes serious side effects.  I have a lot of respect for doctors, but I know they are only human and can make mistakes.  There are so many new medications coming out every day and I find it hard to believe that doctors have the time to read (and remember!) everything about every drug they prescribe.  Pharmacist may help catch a lot of mistakes, but it’s the same situation....they are only human and there are a LOT of drugs out there.  It’s important for caregivers to be responsible and informed about the drugs clients are taking.  The more people paying attention, the lower the chances will be that a mistake will be made.

Lucky for us, these days there are sites like this one.  Make a list all of the medications (or get out your Current Medication List) and add each one to the drug list.  Click calculate and it will let you know what possible interactions you should be aware of.

Warning: Some doctors get upset when you say that you "read it on the internet".  I’ve even seen signs posted in waiting rooms warning against it.  If you use the website and find an interaction that your doctor and pharmacist may have missed, see if there is anything on the medication paperwork, call your pharmacist, and THEN talk to your doctor.  What the pharmacist says will have more credibility than what you read on the internet.

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