The Caregiver Resource Network

"The Caregiver Resource Network is a collaboration of West Michigan organizations dedicated to providing for the needs and welfare of family and professional caregivers within the community."

This site has a lot of useful information for caregivers.  There are extensive articles on everything from legal and financial issues to respite and adult day care.   Click on Caregiver Facts to find out what kind of caregiver you are or click HERE to go to the main list of topics.

There is a learning section where you can view or download caregiver packets on subjects like, Getting What You Need From the Medical Care System, Long Distance Caregiving and Taking Care of You.  The lessons are pretty extensive and would be a wonderful resouce for new caregivers.

The coolest part, I think, Is the Caregiver's Corner Radio.  Relevant topics are discussed such as Male Caregiving, Medication Mismanagement, Family Dynamics and Decision Making, Alzheimer's & Dementia and Critical Issues for Caregiver's. The Caregiver Resource Network may have been started for Michigan residents, but there is a lot of great information for caregivers in all states.

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