Old Time Saturday Night

If you are getting tired of watching the same old tv shows or maybe you have trouble finding programs that your elderly loved one won't find offensive, consider listening to audiobooks. There are several free audio book sites with classic books you can listen to straight from your computer.

Booksshouldbefree.com - Just click on the book and then click the chapters in the box on the right to listen.


I have posted about how music can positively affect people with memory issues and I thought that maybe old radio programs might do the same thing.  If you are a caregiver for an elderly loved ones or a loved one with dementia or Alzhiemer's, check out these sites which offer free old time radio shows.  Instead of watching tv tonight, how fun would it be to listen to an episode of the Laurel and Hardy Show?  Or maybe CBS Radio Mystery Theater...

Radiolovers.com - Ignore the big download button. You can choose a catagory on the left side and then just click on the show to listen.  If you would like to download the show, just right click and "save link as" (Windows PC users)


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