The Caregiver Hour Radio Show

I was on the hunt today for a good caregiver resource and came across The Caregiver Hour.  Its a wonderful weekly radio program hosted by Kim Linder. It's actually a Tampa Bay area radio show, so some of the content is for locals, but they offer a lot of great information, advice and resources for the rest of us.

You can catch the show live at 11AM to 12PM EST Mondays on the radio at 1250 AM WHNZ in Tampa or online at the same times at on their website.  You can also listen to archived shows at the Caregiver Hour website. I looked through the archives and they cover a LOT of great topics in every area of caregiving.

I love to listen to stuff like this when I'm doing housework. I feel like I am getting stuff done and learning at the same time. Next time you have a boring chore to do, give it a try and see how much faster things get done. Have a great day!

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