Extreme Heat Calls for Extreme Caregivers!

I thought about posting on heatstroke last week, but decided against it.  I figured its something everyone already knows. As hot as it is right now in most areas of the country, there are a tons of news reports warning people to keep cool and look out for the elderly. But our elderly are still dying every day from heatstroke!

As caregivers, our job is to look out for our loved ones. Our clients and loved ones would never get heatstroke, because we are caring for them and we would just never let it happen. When we took our Granny out in the summer, we always had her to-go cup of water, made sure she had her hat and always stayed hydrated and cool.

Our loved ones are blessed to have people who love them and look out for their health, but what about the elderly lady down the street who lives alone? She may have family that come to visit occasionally, but are they checking on her daily during the heat? These days life can get so hectic, its easy for family members to assume someone else is doing the checking and an elderly loved one can be overlooked or forgotten. As neighbors we may be doing the same thing.

While its this hot, keep an eye on your neighbors. Watch for visitors. If there are none, go check on them yourself.  Many elderly people, especially those still living alone, can be very proud and independent. Don't let their pride drive you away. Be persistent. Make sure air conditioning and fans are working and that they are keeping cool. If not, offer to drive them to a local cooling center if necessary, or offer to arrange for transportation. Also, offer to check on their pets. Make sure any outdoor pets have lots of water and access to shade.

We are caregivers because we care. Lets put ourselves on high alert this summer and be superheroes to our elderly neighbors and friends. You might just save a life. You will for sure make someone feel cared for and special. 


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Roland said...

What a great post! Very relevant in today's heat. It is true, many seniors live alone and are confident being independent but having a friend or loved one nearby is always a good idea no matter your age. Accidents happen to everyone so being prepared is the best way to ensure continual health & safety especially during HOT times. I am in the senior medical alarm industry and heat exhaustion is one of the main causes of accidents/injuries during the summertime. I think it is awesome how much you care for seniors and their overall health & well-being. Thanks for all your hard work and care! Have a great day :)

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