A New Generation of Gamers

Are your elderly clients or loved ones driving you nuts for a new game system? That may sound a little crazy, but it seems as though the game systems that are so popular with younger adults are becoming more popular with the elderly.

Game consoles with gesture control, like Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect and the Playstation Wii are being used in nursing homes, retirement communities and senior centers, as a way to get people up and moving and give them a break from a usually sedentary lifestyle. The games are being used to help stroke patients regain movement, and others with coordination, balance and eye movement. It is also a great way for them to interact with others and just have fun.

Games to consider for your senior loved ones:

Wii Sports has lots of great activities, including bowling which is very popular among seniors everywhere and there are even leagues and tournaments for the ones that get really good!

Wii Ski is a pretty realistic simulation of hitting the slopes and if a loved one used to be a skiier, then this is a good way for them to show off to the younger folks.

Big Brain Academy - Its not a physical game, but its a great game to keep the mind and brain exercised and healthy

Other fun games include: Tiger Woods Golf, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Deal or No Deal and Trivial Pursuit. Any hunting or fishing games would be great also.

So next time your kid's game system is free, why not hand a controller to Mom or Dad and see what happens.  Be warned though....your older loved ones can become just as addicted as your younger loved ones and that may lead to some problems...like them bugging you for their own game system this Christmas!

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