Thank You Caregivers and Happy Labor Day!

In 2011 the Bureau of Labor Statistics collected new data that for the first time counted the number of unpaid eldercare providers in the country. They found that over 40 million individuals are care providers to aging family members. Family care providers bear the burden of the long term care needs of our aging population, making up 83% of the total eldercare workforce and as a result, their unpaid work makes a valuable contribution to the overall health care economy.

In 2010, the National Alliance for Caregivers found that $375 billion worth of uncompensated care was provided by family care providers. Some estimates put it as high as $450 billion. I think that deserves a thank you!

On this Labor Day, 40 million Americans will continue to do the work they do every day: helping a loved one get out of bed and get dressed, making breakfast, lunch and dinner, providing medications and much more. If you are a caregiver, we at Caregiver Forms say thank you! If you are not a caregiver, take some time today to say thank you to the caregivers around you and let them know how much we all appreciate their labor of love and that they are not forgotten this Labor Day.

Photo by Airlee Owens

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