Happy Labor Day! September's Free Form - Blood Sugar Level Record

Its the first day of autumn and also time for another free form.  This month we are giving away the Blood Sugar Level Record for those who have or are a caregiver for someone who has diabetes.  

The Blood Sugar Level Record is useful when caring for a diabetic. Not all diabetics require testing as often as the chart allows (four times a day) but it is very handy when needed. Average the numbers by adding all readings in a day, then dividing by the number of times taken. There is room at the bottom for an average of all averages for the month. Option: Most glucose monitors average for 7, 14, and 30 days which will save you the hassle.

To view or download the Blood Sugar Level Record click on the link below. Also check out the autumn advisory video that follows.  Have a great Labor Day!

Newsroom : Meteorologists Predict Worst Autumn Ever!

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